Dave as Executive Coach
  “Hiring Dave was one of the best things I ever did. He was able to coach me to even more success than I had imagined. By asking me to envision the results I sought and putting the plan in place, I was able to pursue many dreams. Today, many years later, I still carry those lessons with me as my success continues. Dave is a great coach who is insightful and caring. I would recommend him to anyone!”    
— Stephen, Cisco
"Dave's broad marketing and business background helped him become one of the best leadership coaches in the region. He is dedicated to client service and satisfaction. He brought credibility and relevance to his consulting, and he was able to bring a strategic mindset to his senior level coaching clients.”
— Bob, SVP, Right Management
More Coaching Testimonials
“Dave demonstrated professional leadership, people and project management skills, during his time at Right Management. He has broad marketing and business knowledge, is dependable and strong team player. He was one of our key executive coaches. When he had to relocate, we were sorry to see him go.”
— Beverly, Right Management Consultants
"I started working with Dave in 2002 when I was in the process of transitioning careers. Dave helped me navigate through the fears and road blocks that come with change which allowed me to open the doors to other, more fulfilling career possibilities. Dave's thoughtful, innovative approach has proven to be invaluable to me...on many occasions. I highly recommend him.”
— Suzanna, Seibel
"Dave is a delightful person to work with, always calm, great sense of humor and extremely professional. He is a strong strategic thinker and fast learner – and as someone who runs a service-oriented company, I really appreciate his wonderful client service skills. Dave really helped me, was always on top of things and never missed a beat. I would recommend Dave in a heartbeat to anyone. In short, he rocks.”
— Peleg, Top Design
  Dave as Facilitator    
  "Dave is a fantastic facilitator. He has been a key member of the Sony Pictures Entertainment team in rolling out a global training program to 4000 employees. His enthusiasm is contagious and he has a natural talent in captivating the attention of a classroom of 45 employees. Dave is also a sincere listener. I have worked with many consultants and to date, Dave is one of my favorites. He has integrity, is flexible and generous. As a project manager, there is nothing more I can ask for in a team member."    
Sonia, Sony Pictures Entertainment
  “I hired Dave to co-create and co-lead training programs at Stanford University. His contribution to my company and clients were outstanding. We collaborated from the inception to delivery of a yearlong leadership training program for key managers and directors. Dave was central in the successful delivery of a multi-pronged program that included a series of workshops, and individual coaching.”    
Maryellen, Integrated Consulting Inc.
More Facilitator Testimonials
"Dave was pretty much amazing from the moment he stepped up in front of us. I think that was probably the most impressive part -- the way he made everyone in the room feel personally connected to the material, to him, and to each other.”
— Gail, Sony Pictures USA
"Dave was an excellent and inspiring facilitator. He was very engaging and interesting, and also calm and soothing. I was actually a bit reluctant to leave for the day. “
— George, Sony Pictures USA
  Dave as Marketing Consultant    
  "With his base of experience, Dave has strategic strength and easily captures and shares the "big picture," but he combines that with the ability and willingness to attend to the tactical details as well. He has tremendous political sensitivity, relates equally well with senior management and support staff and has a great positive attitude. An asset to any team.”  
  — Casper, Mattel  
  "Dave was a strong partner to our team. He was a strong manager, good communicator and great team player. Dave handled the tricky job of coordinating disparate viewpoints into a coherent vision for the business. I'd definitely hire Dave again.”  
  — Rich, Mattel  
More Consultant Testimonials
"Dave was part of an expert panel assembled to assist a new product launch. He exceeded our expectations in terms of his fresh ideas, his strategic insight and his ability to collaborate with an eclectic group of innovators. I would use him again in an instant whenever truly original thought is needed.”
— Julie, The Geppetto Group
"Dave is someone that can galvanize the troops behind a common goal. He can take widely divergent points of view, unify them and work with others to develop strong marketing strategies that get the endorsement of all stakeholders. He's great with people. He knows that setting people up for success is what drives organizations and he proactively works with folks to bring the organizations goals and people professional goals into alignment.”
— Steve, EPSN
“Dave was a great leader of the creative team and helped deliver great creative for Bandai for multiple toy products, including some great innovative thinking for an ad campaign that was fresh and new. Dave is insightful and was very helpful at crystallizing the client's needs and then working with the team to deliver the project on time and as expected.”
— Ned, Bandai
"I highly recommend Dave. He is professional, smart and knows how to get the job done. I worked with Dave at FCB and when he was a consultant. Any company would be very lucky to have him on board."
— Louisa, Foote, Cone & Belding Advertising
"Dave has always been a great partner to work with, providing strong leadership to his team and sound strategic thinking. Client service is exemplary, as I always felt that our needs were understood and executed upon. Perhaps what I value most is that Dave always focuses on getting the best results, regardless of where the idea came from. He has the ability to persuade and be persuaded, depending on which is the correct path. I've known Dave for 17 years, and would work with him again in a heartbeat.”
— Paul, Mattel
"Dave is universally respected among his colleagues, subordinates, and superiors. He is good at working with others and is an excellent listener. He knows how to focus on the big picture while making sure that everything gets done, and knows what it takes to build and grow a brand.”
— Jay, Purple Husky
"Dave is both a strong leader and team player. He is strategic and creative and therefore able to come up with solutions that are effective and out of the box. His breadth of knowledge and expertise both in terms of the kinds of projects he's worked on and the types of people he's worked enable him to be a star.”
— Ellie, Mattel

Los Angeles, California